Hi, I'm Eli Fox-Epstein

Studying graph algorithms at Brown University.


Email: eli@fox-epste.in


My code can be found on Github. Some highlights:


  1. Diffuse Reflection Radius in a Simple Polygon, E Fox-Epstein, C D Toth, A Winslow, COCOON 2014
  2. On Wrapping Spheres and Cubes with Rectangular Paper, A Cole, E D Demaine, E Fox-Epstein, JCDCGG 2013
  3. Diffuse Reflections in Simple Polygons, G Barequet, S M Cannon, E Fox-Epstein, B Hescott, D L Souvaine, C D Toth, A Winslow, LAGOS 2013
  4. Short and Simple Cycle Separators in Planar Graphs, E Fox-Epstein, S Mozes, P M Phothilimthana, C Sommer, ALENEX 2013
  5. The Complexity of Minor-Ancestral Graph Properties with Forbidden Pairs, E Fox-Epstein, D Krizanc, LNCS: Computer Science — Theory and Applications 2012
  6. Forbidden Pairs Make Problems Hard, E Fox-Epstein, Wesleyan University senior honors thesis
All author ordering on papers follows alphabetical convention.